Toyger Cat Spraying


Toyger Cat Spraying

Adapted from an article by Marc de Jong

The toyger cat backs up to the door, lifts the tail and releases a fine spray of urine. Yes, toyger cat spraying just happened. You have a problem. One you can solve.

The British Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors say the biggest behavior problems in the UK are:

Toyger cat spraying is marking behavior, not a litter box problem. Sprayed toyger cat urine contains pheromones, a substance that animals use to communicate. Combinations of pheromones work like fingerprints: they are identified by toyger cat spraying .

A spraying toyger cat marks his or her territory with urine spraying. It simply says: ‘This is mine’. You may not like it, but getting angry doesn’t help. It may even have an opposite effect: more toyger cat spraying.

Toyger cats in heat are attracted by the odor of cat urine. For them, toyger cat spraying is something like an invitation to love. The results may be there in 65 days: a nest of cute little toyger kittens. Toyger cat spraying is not only done during sexual encounters. Also toyger cat spraying can occur during conflicts with other felines, or when the toyger cat is stressed.

For people, the scent from toyger cat spraying is far from pleasant. Thankfully, most toyger cat spraying is done outside. What if you have a toyger cat spraying inside? Do something about it! And yes, that is possible. The most radical and effective thing you can do is neutering or spaying to stop your toyger cat spraying.

Stop Toyger Cat Spraying

Castration stops most male toyger cats spraying from the day they were operated on. Maybe, you have a reason not to neuter your toyger cat. In that case, try to find out why your toyger cat spraying is occuring.

Maybe, toyger cat spraying happens only when it sees another cat. Solution: block the view.

Or toyger cat spraying results from a conflict with another pet. Solution: keep them separated and problems might be over. If toyger cat spraying is still a problem, discuss it with your veterinarian.

Chances are he will advice you to spay or neuter your toyger cat. But your vet can also check if there is a medical problem causing the toyger cat spraying.

Anyway, do not leave this toyger cat spraying problem unsolved. Toyger cat urine odor and stains can make your home a very uncomfortable place. And your toyger cat will still remain your toyger cat even when it isn't spraying anymore.

About the Author Journalist, web site builder and cat lover Marc de Jong is the owner and editor of How To Stop Your Toyger Cat Sprayingnt>, a site about cat pregnancy, kitten care, cat health and other cat related subjects.

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