Toyger Cat Markings


Toyger Cat Markings

Toyger cat markings are adapted from the 2003 submitted TICA Breed Standards for the Toyger Cat:

Toyger Cat Head: Facial stripes and markings shall be circularly aligned around the face. Traditional tabby markings moving radially away from the face for any distance are undesirable. Lighter to virtually white 'thumb marks' on the back of the ears are desirable. Natural 'make-up' is important: eyes must have black 'mascara' markings and whitened spectacles, desirable for mouth to have black lipstick markings.

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Toyger Cat Body Markings:Body stripes shall generally be vertically aligned with encircling markings on neck, legs, and tail. Bold, braided, and non-uniform stripes are preferred. Belly and inside of legs must be marked. Paw pads and tail tip must be black.

Toyger Cat Markings Pattern:Mackerel tabby. The markings to the ground pattern contrast must be extreme and distinct, giving a clear, sharply edged pattern.

Toyger Cat Head Shape: Medium-sized, with a dominant deep, skewed, cylindrical muzzle on an oval head.

Toyger Cat Ears: Small and round. Wide set toward the back of the head and oriented on a 45 degree line towards the center of the eyes. Short but thickly furred temples and ears are preferred. Lynx tipping is undesirable.

Toyger Cat Eyes: Medium, almond-shaped. Set wide apart, back into face, and on a slight bias toward the base of the ear. Rich deep color preferred.

Toyger Cat Muzzle: Very well defined, long, broad and deep with rounded muscular contours. Full face view suggests an inverted heart shape. The front muzzle line/plane is skewed forward to produce a more frontal view felines.

Toyger Cat Nose: Muscular, long, broad, and rounded, widening toward the end to at least as wide as the space between the eyes.

Toyger Cat Torso: Medium to deep, long and muscular with rounded contours; strong and robust but not blocky.

Toyger Cat Legs and Feet: Medium length such that the space between the ground and the body is roughly equal to the depth of the torso. Boning is very large.

Toyger Cat Tail: Very long and not thick. Taper is slight with blunt, roundedtip. Fur is dense and short.

Toyger Cat Musculature: Very young and athletic looking, especially in young males.

Toyger Cat Coat Length: Coat is uniformly short. Fur may be longer in the temple jowl/ruff; the suggestion of more of a ruff is preferred.

Toyger Cat Color:Markings shall be virtually black to brown to even tan. Very dark markings are preferred. A bright pumpkin ground color with very dark markings is preferred. Whited ground color shall be as uniformly light to virtually white as possible.

toyger cat markings

Outcross Kittens

From time to time a Toyger is bred to a different breed of cat. This is planned and done to increase the gene pool. Or for a special trait that can be incorporated into the toyger breed. The kittens are called Outcross Kittens.

The first generation of outcross kittens (SBT Toyger X Other Breed) are registered as Toygers and will have the registration prefix code AON.

The second generation of outcross kittens (SBT Toyger X AON Toyger) are registered as Toygers and will have the registration prefix code BON.

The third generation of outcross kittens (SBT Toyger X BON Toyger) areregistered as Toygers and will have the registration prefix code CON.

The fourth generation of outcross kittens (SBT Toyger X CON Toyger) are registered as Toygers and will have the registration prefix code SBT/

SBT Toygers are purebred and are eligable for show.

The Goal

breeder's goal of the toyger cat


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