Toyger Cat Care


Toyger Cat Care

Toyger cat care, 8 things to consider. Before getting a toyger cat, make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for. Despite, their perceived independence, toyger cats do need care and looking after. And, as with any pet there are expenses.

Your areas of responsibility include: diet, environment, exercise and protection from dangerous substances and accidents. Such as, communicable diseases that could be prevented by vaccination or by isolation from other cats. Other cats are potential sources of infections.

Toyger Cat Care Points to Consider

1.Your Toyger Cat can live for up to 20 years. Can you offer continued care, love and attention for that period of time? Remember, as your toyger cat gets older, so do you. They need care as they age, just like we do. So owning a toyger cat or any cat requires some thought not just an emotional reaction right now.

2.Where will you be in 5, 10 or 15 years time? Will there be room in your life to care for your toyger cat?

3.Can you afford the care and the veterinary fees if your toyger cat gets ill? Yearly check-ups are the minimum for your toyger cat. Your toyger will need regular vaccinations and should, ideally, be neutered.

4.You will need to rid it of fleas, worms and other routine health care maintenance. These all cost time and money.

toyger cat care

5.Who will care for it when you go on holidays or visiting friends? Catteries cost money and there may not always be friends that can care for your pet.

6.Toyger cat care includes feeding which is another expense. Allow a minimum of $10 per week. Can you afford this expense throughout the life of your cat?

7.Additional care items may be needed: litter tray, bedding, bowls, collars, cat toys and special treats. Have you got the room and the money to provide these?

8.Other toyger cat care additional needs are treatments. For example: a long haired cat may need regular grooming. Is this a commitment you are prepared to provide when caring for a toyger cat? Have you considered the vet bills. These can be considerable.

Toyger cat care is a lifelong job. We all want cats to have a good home and a good life. However, make sure that you can care for your toyger cat, before you buy.

The Goal

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